Coming from Solana?

How to onboard to Stargaze from Solana and start trading Bad Kids and other NFTs.


  1. Go to the Osmosis Assets tab and deposit SOL (via Portal Bridge)

  2. Swap SOL -> STARS on Osmosis

  3. Withdraw STARS from the Assets tab

The Stargaze website currently doesn't support Solana wallets. Therefore, we recommend starting with a Cosmos ecosystem native wallet.

  1. Download

  2. Create a new account or import a seed phrase.

You're now ready to fund your wallet and begin your Stargaze journey.

Fund Wallet with STARS

The simplest way to fund your wallet is to bridge SOL and swap for STARS. We will first use Portal Bridge to transfer SOL from Solana to Osmosis, and then Osmosis to swap it for STARS.

Osmosis is the main DEX of the Cosmos ecosystem.

  1. Search for SOL and hit "Deposit". Portal Bridge will open in a new tab.

  2. In From, Select "Solana" for Network and SOL for Asset. Enter the amount you want to transfer. In To, select "Osmosis" for Network. WSOL should be preselected.

  1. Once the transfer is complete, go back to Osmosis and swap SOL -> STARS.

  2. In the Assets tab, hit "Withdraw" to send the STARS to Stargaze.

You have now funded your Stargaze wallet and ready to ape into cartoon drawings.

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