5. Whitelist

Instantiate a whitelist contract

First, edit config.js and fill in whitelist addresses in whitelist, and add the times you want the whitelist to start and end.

If you don't have all addresses for the whitelist right now, don't worry as you can always add more later.

Whitelist creation has a 100 to 400 STARS network fee. 50% of this fee is burned, while the other half is sent to the Community Pool. In the future, this half will be distributed to Stargaze stakers.

Whitelist minimum mint price is 25 stars.

Instantiate a whitelist contract with:

yarn whitelist

Make of note of the contract address in the output of the above command. Edit config.js and use this address for whitelistContract.

Unit Price and Per Address Limit

You can set a different price and per address limit for the duration of the whitelist period, edit config.js and set the fields accordingly.

Add to whitelist

You can always add more addresses to the whitelist with:

yarn whitelist

Save whitelist address to config.js

Add to the whitelist with:

yarn whitelist --add 'address1,address2,address3,...address100'

Add to whitelist with file

You can also add to the whitelist by file upload. First copy whitelist_addresses.example.csv to whitelist_addresses.csv with 1 address per line. You can add up to 1,000 addresses at a time.

yarn whitelist-file

You may see an error about exceeding member limit. You may need to increase the whitelist member limit.

Increase member limit

Instantiating your whitelist contract, there is a field for member_limit in config.js You may need increase the whitelist member limit if there are more whitelist addresses than expected. Increasing member limit may incur additional upgrade fees. You will see an IncorrectPaymentAmount error and include a fee in the message. This will require modifying the transaction message, commenting and uncommenting the code blocks. Upgrade fees happen when the number of addresses reaches 1, 1001, 2001, 3001, 4001.

yarn whitelist --increase-member-limit 2000

Show whitelist configuration

yarn whitelist --show-config

The whitelist can have a maximum of 5,000 addresses.

Add whitelist to minter contract

Don't forget to set the whitelist to the minter contract.

Feel free to add, remove members or update start time, end time. Once whitelist starts you can not make any more updates.

ex: adding stars1whitelistaddr (your whitelist address will be different)

yarn minter --whitelist stars1whitelistaddr

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