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Meet the Team

Jorge jhernandezb_ | Chief chain connoisseur + Gopher
shane.stars shan3v | Chief therapist + CosmWasm smart contracts
Core Team
Calvin cosmic_calvin | Data analysis and mechanism design
Fabien fabienpenso | Indexer extraordinaire and Rustacean
Jason alledgedlyjason | Full-stack + CosmWasm smart contracts
Luke mrlmacauley | Chief short seller + React whisperer
Michael synchronetic | Chief Astrologer + Interchain NFTs
Ruwan mroutrageous | Operations and business development
Serkan userkanreis | Studio janitor + CosmWasm alchemist
Shridhar shridhargupta | Web platform + Typescript junkie
Starty startynft | Friendly cat, artist, comms + social media, curator
Tasio tasio_dev | CosmWasm and NFT-Fi whisperer
Core Contributers