On Infinity, you can swap instantly:

  • STARS for NFTs

  • NFTs for STARS

This is possible if the collection already has pools from which you can swap.

Here there are a max of 8 NFTs for this collection. Those are the assets from all pools of that particular collection, combined.

Adding how many NFTs you’d like (up until 8 in the example) will give you a total price. When you click submit, you’ll purchase 2 NFTs.

Right now, you cannot pick and choose which NFTs you want. This is coming in the next update.

The reverse is also possible. You can sell NFTs for tokens if there is liquidity in any pools of that collection. Clicking on the arrow will change the swap to NFT > STARS.

With this feature, you’re able to select the NFTs you want to sell, with the max number depending on the liquidity available.

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