8. Testing your contract on testnet

You deployed your NFT smart contracts. Now try minting and viewing them on testnet.

View testnet transactions using the testnet explorer. The testnet explorer is currently Stargaze testnet explorer. If this link does not work for you please go to the Stargaze Discord and look in the channel #🚰faucet.

Visit the Stargaze testnet launchpad and paste your minter contract address at the end of the url. You should see your collection image with correct `mint_price`, `num_tokens`, etc.

Try to mint a test nft from your collection. If the button is hidden, most likely minting start_time has not passed so the contract does now allow any minting yet. Try launching another collection with the same metadata and images, but change the start_time to a few minutes from now so you can test out minting.

Now that you have minted, try visiting your profile page to see if the freshly minted NFT shows up. If the image is broken, double check the ipfs link in your metadata, it is likely not formatted correctly. If your NFT does not show up at all, your ipfs link to your token metadata is probably broken or not formatted correctly.

The last step is to click on the token and view token details. It should show your collection's token image with attributes. If the attributes are not displaying, your metadata json attributes are probably not formatted correctly.

If your collection passes all of these steps, you are ready to launch on launchpad or externally on your own website.

If you have questions or problems please go to Stargaze Discord and type your question in the channel #stargaze-tools.

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