9a. Launching on mainnet with Keplr (optional)

Make sure you have properly tested launching your collection on testnet before launching it on mainnet. Only successful testnet launches will be featured on stargaze.zone.

This step is optional. If you are comfortable using CLI, you can skip this step.

For creators uncomfortable with using Stargaze Tools with their mnemonic / seed phrase on their local computers can use the Stargaze website to launch collections and sign transactions using Keplr.

Navigate to https://stargaze.zone/tx and submit the JSON output of the commands from the previous steps. Highly recommend doing this on testnet before mainnet.

Instantiate a collection

To launch a collection, paste the JSON output of the yarn minter command into the box for Instantiate a Minter with SG-721 and hit the Submit button. You'll be prompted to sign and broadcast via Keplr.

Be sure to replace any testnet addresses with your actual address. For example, if you are the creator of the collection, you should replace minter, creator, and most likely royalty payment_address with your address from Keplr.

If you have Keplr setup to work with a Ledger device, you'll be prompted to sign with Ledger.

Be sure to copy the contract address in the notification after submitting the transaction. This is your minter contract address. You will need it later if you want to execute transactions on it.

A similar process can be followed for creating a whitelist contract.

Execute transactions

To execute transactions that don't involve instantiating a new contract, use the Execute a transaction form at the bottom. This can be used for minting commands, and adding to the whitelist. Be sure to fill in the correct amount for any funds that have to be sent along with your transaction, or leave the Amount field empty if none is required.

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