Deploy to Mainnet

How do I deploy to Stargaze mainnet?

Stargaze is a permissioned chain, meaning there is a governance process to adhere to. After familiarizing yourself with the governance process, here's a template to follow for submitting an on-chain proposal.

To submit a governance proposal via the starsd CLI, you may follow the example below.

If you don't have starsd on your machine, please follow this guide.

title="Smart contract you're proposing"
desc=$(cat | jq -Rsa | tr -d '"')

starsd tx gov submit-proposal wasm-store your_contract_binary.wasm \
    --title "$title" \
    --description "$desc" \
    --deposit $deposit \
    --run-as $CREATOR \
    --from $PROPOSER \
    --gas 30000000 \
    --gas-prices 1ustars \
    --instantiate-anyof-addresses <stars addresses comma-separated> -y

Note: the --instantiate-anyof-addresses flags is particularly important, as it denotes which address or addresses are allowed to instantiate the stored code. This will likely be an EOA and a multisig, or something similar. It may be helpful to read the descriptions of all the flags by running: starsd tx gov submit-proposal wasm-store --help.

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