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Infinity Swap


Infinity Swap is an NFT AMM protocol.
You can earn swap fees by providing liquidity through your own trade pools. Every time someone sells or buys an NFT, you earn a swap fee.
By creating an Infinity Pool, you become the market maker.
Infinity consists of 2 parts:
  • Infinity Pools
  • Infinity Swap
Infinity Pools are the building blocks of the Infinity Swap protocol:
  • Each pool belongs to a single account and pertains to a specific collection. (For example, a pool for Bad Kids, another for Pixel Wizards, etc).
  • Anyone can create pools, of any collection.
  • You can create pools with specific parameters and deposit STARS and NFTs into them.
  • The pool creator can deposit and withdraw assets from the pool at any time.
  • You can also select the bonding curve that will determine the price at which the pool buys or sells NFTs.
Infinity Swap also has an interface that allows you to swap NFTs and STARS seamlessly.
  • Traders can either:
    • Select an amount of STARS and swap that to NFTs for a given collection.
    • Select a number of NFTs from a given collection and swap those into STARS.
  • Infinity Swap will utilize the pools other people created to make those swaps. (Swapping with the pools instead of with users like on Marketplace)
  • The smart contracts will route the trade requests to the pools with the best prices at that time.
Infinity CosmWasm contracts have been audited by OtterSec and Oak Security: - Ottersec Audit - Oak Security Audit