6. Mint from your contract

After instantiating your contract in Step 4, it's now possible to mint NFTs from the contract. If you have not already done so, make sure to replace minter in config.js with the address of your minter contract from the previous step.

There are various minting options. You can mint for yourself, to someone's address, or mint a specific NFT to someone's address. You can also mint a batch of NFTs at a time.

Mint a specific NFT for an address

You can mint a specific NFT by its token ID to a specific address as well.

yarn mint --for [tokenId] [address]

This command can be used to airdrop tokens before minting starts. There's no fee when run by the contract admin.

Mint to an address

NOTE: This command mints the next available tokenId to a given address. DO NOT run this until all tokens for specific address have been minted using mint --for above.

Mint to a specific address.

yarn mint --to [address]

Simply repeat the above for every address you want to mint an NFT. The next sequential token ID will be used for each mint call. This command also has no fee for the contract admin.

Batch Mint

You can mint a batch of NFTs in one transaction to an address.

yarn mint --to [address] --batch [num]

Batch Airdrop

You can airdrop 1 NFT per unique address to a batch of addresses in one transaction. Make a list of addresses in airdrop_addresses.csv . Then run:

yarn airdrop-file

By default, each unique address will be airdropped 1 NFT. You can override this by running the command:

yarn airdrop-file --keep-duplicates

Double check it succeeded by running the command:

yarn query

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