Pinata Upload

In this guide, we'll be using Pinata to upload NFT project files to IPFS.

Get Pinata Account and API Keys

Create a Pinata account. The sign up page can be found here: Sign Up.

Go to the API keys page, and click the "New Key" button. Give the key a name and select "create".

This will create an API key pair for you. Take note of both the API Key and API Secret, you will need to add these to your config.js file.

Setup Config.js

Open your config.js file in your favorite text editor and add the corresponding keys to pinataApiKey and pinataSecretKey. For example:

// Pinata API Key
  pinataApiKey: "",
  // Pinata Secret Key
  pinataSecretKey: "",

Make sure the rest of config.js is filled out according to your project needs. It's particularly important to note the Collection Info section. This information will be used for generating metadata about your collection, and will control how it is displayed in the UI.

  // The name of your collection
  name: 'Collection Name',
  // The 3-7 letter ticker symbol for your collection
  symbol: 'SYM',
  // Project description
  description: 'An awesome NFT series',
  // Path to image to use as the main image for the collection
  image: 'images/1.png'

NOTE: image here in the Collection Info config is the image that is used when your collection is displayed in the UI. The pinata-upload script will upload this image to IPFS for you.

Upload Files To IPFS

After filling out your config, and double checking all the details, you're now ready to upload your project to IPFS! Simply run:

yarn run pinata-upload

This will output a baseTokenUri. Be sure to add it to your config.js file.

With your assets uploaded to IPFS, you are now ready to deploy your smart contracts.

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