Upload Assets and Metadata

This page covers some of the Studio's features and its rules to upload a collection.

Upload Options

Storage Note: As of July 1st, 2024 NFTStorage no longer provides IPFS services for new uploads. As a result the Stargaze Default API Key option is currently disabled and this guide has been updated to direct creators to other storage options including Pinata, web3.storage and Filebase.

There are two ways to provide your collection files to Stargaze Studio.

You can either

  • Upload assets & metadata through Stargaze Studio by providing an API key or email address linked with a web3.storage account

  • Use an existing base URI after uploading your files manually to an IPFS hosting provider

Either way, you must follow some naming rules:

Asset and metadata names must be in numerical order starting from 1 and must only be consisted of numbers. Symbols or letters are not allowed.

This rule also applies to the metadata (JSON) files.


  • 1.png

  • 2.png


  • 1-punk.png

  • 2-punk.png

You must upload a corresponding JSON file containing the metadata for each asset and the names of the asset and metadata files must match.



  • 1.png


  • 1.json



  • 1.png

  • 2.png


  • 1.json

First of all, to upload assets and metadata, an API key to store your collection must be provided. Stargaze Studio currently supports Pinata using an API key and web3.storage using your email address.

Obtain an API Key

Refer to Pinata Upload to learn how to obtain an API key to store your collection. You may also use an email associated with a web3.storage account.

After you obtain the API key and your secret key, simply paste it and proceed to the asset selection part.

Asset Selection

Now is the time to upload your asset, you can either upload using Choose Files button or simply by dragging and dropping to the asset selection area.

Supported asset formats are

Image: JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF.

Audio: MP3 and WAV.

Video: MP4.

Metadata Selection

After you upload the assets, a metadata selection box will appear as seen in the image above. There you can upload the metadata for your collection in JSON format.

Here is the example metadata file designed for the open edition token:

  "attributes": [
      "trait_type": "Head",
      "value": "Kangaroo"
      "trait_type": "Clothes",
      "value": "Spacesuit"
      "trait_type": "Personality",
      "value": "Determined"
      "trait_type": "Background",
      "value": "Space"
  "description": "A kangaroo in space.",
  "external_url": "https://example.com/?token_id=1",
  "name": "Space Kangaroo"

Notice that **** the image key value is missing, which is needed while uploading assets manually. However, Stargaze Studio handles it by using your API key and fills it automatically.

Update Metadata

Stargaze Studio lets you update the metadata through the interface. Simply click on one of your assets after uploading the metadata files. For Open/Limited Edition collections based on a single asset, many users will fine it easier to simply add their metadata through Studio UI.

If you have successfully uploaded assets and metadata, you can skip the rest of this page and proceed to the Configure Collection and Minting Details page.

2) Use an Existing Base URI

There are many storage providers where you can upload assets to IPFS and obstain a base URI link to use in Stargase Studio. Some options are Pinata, web3 Storage, and Filebase.

If you have already uploaded your assets and metadata to IPFS or you want to handle it manually, first make sure that the folder structure is as follows:

Project Folder:
  - images
    - 1.png
    - 2.png
    - 3.png
  - metadata
    - 1.json
    - 2.json
    - 3.json

Providing a different folder structure for your NFT collection can cause unexpected behavior.

If you choose to use an existing base URI and completed the steps above, you can proceed to the Configure Collection and Minting Detailsstep.

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