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Stargaze Studio

A step-by-step tutorial on launching an NFT collection with Stargaze Studio on Stargaze.


Stargaze Studio is a dApp to create and manage NFT collections on Stargaze by providing smart contract front ends. It is built to provide useful smart contract interfaces that help you build and deploy your own NFT collections without writing a single line of code.
Stargaze Studio home page
Using the Stargaze Studio menu on the left you can
  • Create NFT collections with customized settings
  • See your collections and interact with them
  • Execute messages on a collection
  • Query data from a collection
In addition to these features, Stargaze Studio provides a smart contract dashboard where users can instantiate, query, and execute the main NFT smart contracts such as minter, SG721, and whitelist contracts.
There is no coding knowledge required to follow the tutorials as Stargaze Studio provides the necessary interface for each action. Additionally, a tutorial video for each step will be given at the end of the page.
For support, reach out on Discord.