How it works

Creating Pools

Each pool is created by the holder or buyer of a specific collection. There can be multiple pools of the same collection, and you may create as many pools as you want. There is a small fee that must be paid when creating a pool.

When creating a pool, you’ll be presented with some options:

  • A pool with STARS (for buying NFTs)

  • A pool with NFTs (for selling NFTs)

  • A pool with both NFTs and STARS (for both buying and selling NFTs).

You may then select the NFT collection you would like to pair with the STARS token.

The last step is setting the pool parameters:

  • The number of STARS tokens to deposit into the pool.

  • The specific NFTs from the selected collection that you would like to deposit into the pool.

  • The swap fee, which is the amount of tokens you will earn on every transaction (only applicable for “buy and sell” pools).

  • The bonding curve (linear / exponential / XYK). This is the algorithm used to determine pool prices.

  • The spot price, which is the starting pool price (only applicable for linear and exponential pools).

  • The delta, which is a parameter used to calculate subsequent pool prices (only applicable for linear and exponential pools).

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