Collection Guidelines

Since NFTs are so new, there’s little guidance on what makes a great NFT. We’re still incredibly early, and the full potential of NFTs has yet to be realized.

Although NFTs are a new medium, there are a few criteria that will make collections more straightforward to launch on Stargaze.

Here are some guidelines. These aren’t rules that are set in stone. Rather, some best practices that will make your collection launch process easier.

  1. Do some market analysis to determine the optimal price and size of your collection. The Cosmos community isn't as large as Ethereum, so a 1,000 NFT collection may perform better than a 10,000 NFT collection. Strive for quality over quantity.

  2. Refrain from using text in your art. NFT art is ideally designed to be universal and timeless. You are storing it on an immutable ledger after all. For example, English sentences in NFTs won’t be localized to other languages. So it’s best to avoid written language and stick to art. Save written text for metadata.

  3. Make liberal use of metadata. Computers can’t read art, but they can read metadata. Metadata traits enable formulating rarity scores for your NFT. Traders use these attributes to compare NFT valuations.

  4. Create the highest resolution version of the art that you can. limits NFT image sizes to 250MB each.

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