What is Stargaze?

The NFT Chain with Real Yield

Stargaze is a Cosmos app chain designed to empower creators, traders, and developers. It enforces royalties onchain for both creators and developers, and offers real yield to stakers. Stargaze offers a suite of apps that compose well with each other, from NFT minting and trading, to more advanced NFT-Fi apps.

Stargaze is the place to mint your first NFT if you're new to crypto, but also offers advanced trading tools for more sophisticated traders.

As an app chain, Stargaze is secured by a validator set consisting of 140 nodes. This network runs CometBFT proof-of-stake consensus and is secured and governed by STARS. Stargaze supports IBC and are pioneers of ICS-721, the Interchain NFT transfer standard.

Real Yield

On Stargaze you earn staking yield by delegating STARS to validators. These are rewards for adding to the security of the network. But Stargaze offers an additional form of yield called Real Yield. Real Yield are rewards earned from protocol fees. As a STARS staker, you earn yield from protocol activity such as minting and trading, as well as yield from securing the network.

Zero Gas Minting and Trading

A nice feature of an app chain is the ability to customize gas and fees. Stargaze is the only NFT platform that offers minting and trading with ZERO gas.

Chain-enforced Royalties

A big differentiating factor Stargaze has compared to other NFT platforms is that royalties are enforced at the chain level. Since Stargaze is permissioned, a governance vote would have to pass to bypass royalties. Therefore, marketplaces on Stargaze all enforce royalties — an impossibility on other chains and L2s.

CosmWasm Developer Royalties

Stargaze was one the first chains to run a CosmWasm execution environment. All apps built on Stargaze are in the form of CosmWasm smart contracts written in Rust.

Developers that build on Stargaze earn 50% of all fees charged by a contract, known as Developer Royalties.

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