Coming from Coinbase or other exchange?

How to onboard to Stargaze from a CEX and start trading Bad Kids and other NFTs.

This section is a work in progress and may not match exactly.


  1. Connect wallet

  2. Click Fund with CEX

A crypto wallet is required to use the Stargaze website. We recommend, the flagship wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem.

  1. Download

  2. Create a new account or import a seed phrase.

You're now ready to fund your wallet and begin your Stargaze journey.

Fund Wallet with STARS

You can fund your Stargaze account from funds on a centralized exchange like Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance.

Click "Fund with CEX" in the wallet dropdown.

Coming from USDC on Coinbase?

  1. Send USDC to the shown noble address.

  2. Click USDC -> STARS to swap.

Coming from another exchange?

  1. Buy ATOM if you haven't already.

  2. Send ATOM to the shown cosmos address.

  3. Click ATOM -> STARS to swap.

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