Airdrop FAQ

How do I claim the airdrop?

How can I earn yield with STARS?

  • There’s two ways to earn yield with STARS:
    • Staking
      • Delegate a single asset (STARS) to validators
    • Bonding liquidity on Osmosis
      • Provide liquidity with two assets (STARS + OSMO, or STARS + ATOM), and bond LP tokens.
  • What are the APRs for staking and providing liquidity (LP’ing)?
    💡 NOTE: The Osmosis website only lists OSMO incentives and ***does not*** include STARS incentives.

How does staking work?

  • Staking locks up STARS with a validator, earning rewards for the locked period. This is also called “delegating”.
  • You only need one asset (STARS) to stake.
  • Unstaking (also called undelegating) has a 14-day unbonding period where no rewards are earned.
  • Do your own research (DYOR) on which validator(s) to delegate to.
  • Where do I stake?
  • Risks: Slashing
    💡 Validators you are staking with can go offline. When this happens they get “slashed”. A portion of your staked assets also get slashed when a validator get slashed. You can always re-delegate your tokens to another validator.

How do I transfer STARS to Osmosis?

How do Osmosis liquidity incentives work?

Osmosis has liquidity incentives in both OSMO and STARS
STARS incentives were provided by the Stargaze Community Pool, and end on April 13th, 2022.
To earn incentives, you have to:
  • Add liquidity to the STARS/OSMO pool, or the ATOM/STARS pool.
  • Bond your resulting LP tokens with a 1-day, 7-day, or 14-day unbonding period. This means there’s a 1, 7, or 14 day time period to fully unbond where you earn reduced rewards.
  • OSMO and STARS incentives are distributed once a day at 12:15pm ET. They will show up in your Assets tab.
Risks: Impermanent loss happens when one asset in the pool is more volatile than the other. Please watch this video for a full explanation: https://youtu.be/_m6Mowq3Ptk.