Foundation Delegation Program

Stargaze Foundation periodically delegates to validators to further decentralize the blockchain and reward validators that go above and beyond.

To be eligible for delegations, validators must meet a minimum eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Signed 90%+ blocks over 30 days

  • Voted on at least 50% of proposals over 90 days

  • Jailed a maximum of 1 time over 90 days

  • Minimum self-delegation of 5000 STARS

Minimum self-delegation is increasing to 20,000 STARS soon

The following scoring method is used:

75% of the delegated funds are based upon block signing performance and voting in governance.

25% is based on the commission rate, country of operation, and the ISP used.

Bonus delegations will be given to active validators that run infrastructure such as relayers, build tools, contribute to community building and moderation, recruit creators, and help make Stargaze an inviting place.

Validators that seek to increase their delegation from the Foundation should seek to run well performing infrastructure, vote on proposals, and be active in the community.

Decentralization metrics can be found here:

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