Configure Collection and Minting Details: OE/LE

Collection and Minting Details

Now that the assets and metadata are ready, you need to decide on the collection and minting details. These are the essential information related to your collection, we suggest you double-check them as some of them are not changeable after the collection is published.

The following information is needed:

Collection Details

  • Name: The title of your collection

  • Description: The detailed explanation of your collection

  • Symbol: A symbol for your collection.

  • Cover Image: The cover image that will be shown on the collection page. GIFs are supported.

  • External Link (optional): A link you can provide on your collection page such as a webpage.

Minting Details

  • Mint Price: The price of each token for minters. Open and limited editions have a minimum price of 25 STARS. You can choose to mint in another denom like USDC for example, from the dropdown list.

  • Per Address Limit: Maximum number of tokens an address is allowed to mint from your collection.

  • Limit Type: Stargaze allows for Time (Open Edition) or Token Count (Limited Edition) to be used in this minter. Both options may be selected if the creator wishes for the mint window to be limited by both time and max tokens.

  • Start Time and End Time: Open editions are time-based releases, allowing for an unlimited amount of tokens to be purchased within a time window. Start time indicates when users will be able to begin minting and end time indicates when the token can no longer be minted.

  • Token Count: This sets a total number of mintable tokens. Examples where this may be used include artists setting a certain number of editions available for their piece, or a seated event selling tickets on Stargaze.

After completing collection and minting details, the page should look something like this:

Now that the essential details are filled, the collection is ready to be published. However, if you want to create a whitelist for your collection or set a royalty percentage, proceed to the .

If you don't want to set any whitelist or royalty, press the Create Collection button and sign the pop-up transaction. An info box will appear at the top of the page when the transaction is confirmed.

It is important to save all the printed information as you'll need the addresses to interact with the collection. Visit the Interact with a Collection page to learn about the interactions you can have with the collection after the launch.

Congrats! You have successfully learned how to create and publish an NFT collection.

It may take a little time until your collection appears on Stargaze.

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