Creating a 1/1 Collection

This guide will cover all the steps of creating a 1/1 Collection on Stargaze.

The 1/1 Collection minter creates a collection starting with a single token where more tokens can be added to the collection over time. Common uses for the 1/1 collection include setting up a series of commissioned pieces, an "honorary" collection for community members, or other projects that involve ongoing creations and releases within a series.

Important: There is no minting phase in 1/1 Collections - tokens are created directly within the creator's wallet where they can be transferred, auctioned, or sold directly on the secondary market. To begin creating a collection, ensure that the following steps have been taken: 1) You are connected to testnet at 2) Your wallet is connected on the top left of the screen (Keplr or Leap wallets are recommended) 3) You have testnet tokens in your address. Testnet tokens can be requested in the #faucet channel of the Stargaze Discord.

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