1. Setup a basic project

Initialize a new project

Setting up your project for minting is done via a set of command-line tools. Start by cloning a sample repository, and replace it with your project contents.

Replace [my-project-name] with the name of your project.

git clone https://github.com/public-awesome/stargaze-tools [my-project-name]
cd [my-project-name]
yarn install

Create a testnet account

In order to deploy a smart contract on Stargaze, you'll need an account with some STARS in it. For this tutorial, we will be instantiating our smart contract on a Stargaze testnet.

yarn account

You should see mnemonic and address printed out like:

>> mnemonic: sure adapt throw vocal sibling mom already light dinner sail survey sphere
pubkey: {
  type: 'tendermint/PubKeySecp256k1',
  value: 'AwqXZKoqAJl+9R3qWgseVYomxFN2akDGQ2rzS6P/Oyfo'
address: stars1us0r08kr3jtr0h74skk46hl6cmtsrptlqyfstl
✨  Done in 1.03s.

Now edit config.js and fill in the above mnemonic and address in their corresponding fields.

Do not use a mainnet mnemonic / seed phrase for testing. Please use the above method to generate a test account. For mainnet, see Launching on mainnet with Keplr.

Fund account from testnet faucet

Get testnet tokens from the Stargaze Discord channel #🚰faucet. Type your address from the above step to receive some coins.


$request [stars1...]

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