Why Stargaze?

  • The Creators - The community has been growing rapidly and the caliber of artists are impressive. The projects on Stargaze have organically created a culture of collaboration with each other. Visit Discord to see some of them. Apply directly to the launchpad here. Learn how to launch a collection here.
  • No-Code Collection Launch - Stargaze Studio is available, for artists that aren’t familiar with coding. With Studio, you can launch simply by filling in the information needed and uploading your art/metadata.
  • Zero Gas - Fees to transact on the Stargaze blockchain are zero.
  • Community Vote - One project each week is decided through voting by the community. The process is outlined here.
  • Community Owned - The chain is owned and secured by the community. At launch, 25% went towards the airdrop ($150 USD million at the time).
  • Carbon Neutral - Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus leaves a tiny carbon footprint. Through governance, Stargaze is completely carbon neutral.
  • Permissionless collections and community-approved contracts -
    • Anyone can launch a collection at any time on Stargaze, there is no need for approval for the launch, as Stargaze is a permissionless chain.
    • The contracts used for launching collections are already on-chain, making it safer for all parties involved (minter and creators).
    • New contracts are community approved, they go through Governance voting, and can only be used once passed. This inhibits bad actors to deploy malicious contracts on Stargaze.
  • Fair Burn - Stargaze as a platform does not collect any fees for itself/the team. The fees in place are set by the community through governance. Fair Burn fees: 50% goes back to the community (stakers), and 50% are burned (deflationary aspect of the chain).
  • Interoperability - Being an IBC chain, interoperability is at the heart of Stargaze. View the other IBC chains Stargaze has established trade routes with at the mapofzones. Stargaze is developing the standard to transfer NFTs over IBC through ICS-721.
  • Ethereum Interoperability via Gravity Bridge and Axelar
  • Layer 1 (L1) chain - unlike other NFT marketplaces that use an existing chain, Stargaze is its own chain, with its own token ($STARS). That means Stargaze does not depend on another chain to exist and can be customized to the needs of the community.
  • Shuffled Minting - a novel solution was made by Stargaze team to implement the non-sequential minting on a decentralized chain, providing a better UX and avoiding sniping for rare NFTs.