Discovering Stargaze

The website features


Featured and non-featured projects that launch a collection are shown on the Launchpad.
The Featured collections get a spotlight for one week, after which new collections are populated through Community Vote and Team pick. If you are looking to mint an NFT, the launchpad is the place to do so.


This is where the secondary sales take place, after the mint happens.
Royalties are on-chain: featured projects have a 7% cap for royalties, non-featured are free to choose.
At a collection page, you can filter by traits, rarity, price. You can also sweep the floor, make a collection offer (for 1 NFT), or make an offer for a specific NFT.


Create a time-based auction for your NFT, with a reserve price (minimum winner bid). There is an anti-sniper cooldown (the auction extends another 15 mins if the bid is placed within the last 15 mins.)


Stargaze Names are fully integrated on the website and can be used on other apps such as Leap Wallet. Stargaze Names are NFTs themselves, mintable on-chain.


You can participate on Stargaze DAO by staking and voting on proposals. A prior discussion on Governance takes place on Commonwealth to gauge interest from the Community.


Apps that have Stargaze integrated get displayed here. Games, wallets, analytic tools and more.


Overall analytics from Stargaze are available, such as marketplace volume, mint volume, top collections and sales. A Leaderboard is also viewable and displays the top buyers from a certain period.


The easiest way to get STARS on Stargaze. You may buy via credit card (Kado), or do a 1 click-swap with IBC assets (ATOM to STARS for example) - powered by Skip.

(Your) Profile

This is where you can check your NFTs, do batch transactions such as transfer to another wallet, put for sale, manage your Names, etc. You can also visit someone's profile to check their NFTs.