Voting Guidelines

By choosing a project for launchpad you are choosing what the public sees on the front page and giving valuable visibility to projects. How Stargaze succeeds also depends on the projects chosen for it. Come get involved in the process and help us build a better platform for all!
Considerations on picking projects to be featured:
  • Art
    Art is subjective and everyone has their preferences but in your opinion does it have a market, is it beautiful, or different? Does it add anything to Stargaze? Is this something you would want to mount on your wall at home?
  • Community
    Have they taken the time to develop a community, What is it like to be part of it? Do you feel welcome to it, does it have a solid foundation? Are they active on their discord, Twitter? Do you feel heard/appreciated as a member? A great project with no community is worth nothing.
  • Supply/price numbers
    Is the collection value reasonable for the number of followers/ quality of art? Is there enough demand to mint out in a reasonable time period?
  • Current utility
    What is the current utility of the project or what benefits is the project currently offering? Future utilities are a big maybe, account for the current ones and art when choosing a project for launchpad.
  • Uniqueness
    How different are they from other launched projects, do they have something unique to show? Does it make them stand out and produce demand for it?
  • Involvement in Stargaze community
    How involved are they on Stargaze itself, are they here for the long run? Genuinely involved creators are less likely to abandon a project, or “pull a rug”. Always DYOR for any project, check twitter spaces, discord channels, and community involvement.