Vending Minter

  • Consists of a predetermined number of NFTs, already uploaded on IPFS, where the user can mint on Launchpad and sell on Marketplace.
  • It has random / non-sequential minting that prevents sniping and MEV.
  • Default time for Marketplace trading is two weeks upon launch. However, this can be changed after minter creation.
  • Max number of tokens: 10,000.

1/1 Minter:

  • For smaller/fine art collections. Tokens are minted on demand. That means you can create a collection and add new NFTs over time to that same collection.
  • The NFTs are minted to the creator's wallet at the moment of the collection creation. That means there is no mint revenue; the token can be added immediately for trading on Marketplace.

Public Works / Generative Art Minter

  • publicworks.art is a generative platform similar to Art Blocks and fx(hash). It is the first of its kind in Cosmos.
  • It generates the NFT image in real-time during the mint: neither the user nor the creator know what combination will be created.

Mutable Minter

  • Allows updating the IPFS metadata/image of any NFT in a collection.
  • Migrating a vending collection to a mutable collection is possible.

Free Minter

  • With this minter, the minimum mint price is wavered. You may create a full free mint collection or a free whitelist collection with a paid public mint.


  • Badges are NFTs POAPs. You may reward your community for participating in an event, or activity through badges.
  • They can be either non-transferrable or transferrable.
  • Badges are not sellable on Marketplace (yet).
  • You may create a claimable badge that requires an action from the user, such as for an airdrop.
  • Metadata for badges is written on-chain.