Note: This is an early draft and may be outdated. Please follow the latest updates at https://github.com/public-awesome/stargaze.

Legacy social media platforms don't allow users to directly monetize their content or social capital. Instead, user content is sold to advertisers that pass along some profits to the social media company. Users can amass large followings, but don't derive any monetary gain.

Stargaze is a protocol that enables users to earn Universal Creator Income (UCI) for their content, and monetize their social capital with creator coins. Stargaze generates UCI via inflation funding from a proof-of-stake blockchain and doesn't have to rely on advertising for revenue.

Content on Stargaze are NFTs owned by the users. Users have authority to do whatever they want with their content, and aren't beholden to any authority or platform.

Income users earn from creating and curating content on Stargaze flow into their creator coin. This makes Stargaze creator coins reflect the social capital and content creation and curation abilities of users, and have value beyond just speculative trading.

Furthermore, Stargaze integrates into third party web 2.0 social platforms via oracles, allowing Stargaze creator coins to accrue value from users' actions on those platforms as well.

The protocol is built as a sovereign blockchain with Cosmos SDK. This allows Stargaze to have very low gas fees (< $0.01), have high performance (5 second block times), and have it's own block space without having to compete with other DeFi protocols. It also enables a large decentralized validator set, and interoperability with the Cosmos ecosystem, Ethereum, Ethereum Layer 2s, Bitcoin, Solana, and others via IBC (Inter-blockchain communication), a TCP/IP-like protocol that enables blockchains to communicate.