Token Economics

NOTE: these numbers are subject to change before mainnet.

STARS is a staking token with mint and burn mechanics.


STARS has dynamic emission and no supply cap. Inflation is used to incentivize staking participation in the network, and varies between 7% and 20% based on how much is staked. It is inversely proportional to the staked amount. As the staked to total supply ratio falls below 67%, inflation increases, and vice versa.

On each block, 45% inflation goes to validators, 5% to the community pool, and 50% to CurationDAO.


Stargaze has two token burn mechanisms.

  1. Whenever a native post is created on Stargaze, half the storage cost is burned while the other half goes to the block proposer as payment for storage. Storage cost is based on a specific amount of STARS per byte, as determined by governance. Therefore, the value of STARS increases as more content is posted to the blockchain.

  2. Whenever a native post (NFT) is purchased, a 10% fee is charged and burned.

STARS Utility

STARS is used for various purposes in Stargaze.

  1. STARS are used for creator coin purchases.

  2. STARS are used for purchasing NFTs.

  3. STARS are used to "boost" content on Stargaze by increasing the curation period.

  4. STARS are required for storage payments.

  5. STARS are used in governance (i.e: for putting deposits up for proposals).

  6. STARS are used for gas fees.

  7. STARS are used for validating the network.

Token Allocation

Initial supply: 1,000,000,000 STARS