Content Moderation

Note: This is an early draft and may be outdated. Please follow the latest updates at

Stargazes takes a tiered approach to content moderation. Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain ledger, moderation is pushed up to the application stack as much as possible.

Tier 1: Client Filtering

Clients implement their own filtering and flagging mechanics. For example, a client can have a muted words feature that limits certain content from being shown.

Tier 2: Indexer Filtering

The indexing layer can also remove content based on their jurisdiction and the preferences of the clients that they serve. For example, indexers can delete content based on takedown requests.

Tier 3: Blockchain Deny List

Content moderation via governance is a first class citizen in Stargaze. Token holders can vote to delete content and ban users. Content that's voted to be deleted gets put on a deny list. These posts are blocked from queries and aren't served to clients or indexers. Users that get banned no longer have their content served.