Content Creation

Note: This is an early draft and may be outdated. Please follow the latest updates at

Stargaze supports both native content and third party content.

Native Posts

Native posts are written to the Stargaze blockchain itself.

Native content storage fees are paid in STARS, and paid out to validators that host the content. Half of the storage fee is burned, causing the value of STARS to increase as more content is posted on-chain. Storage fee is based on how long a user wants to store content. Permanent storage costs more while ephemeral content is nearly free.

Native posts can offer crypto-native functionality not possible on a platform like Twitter. Some examples of post types Stargaze will offer include:

  • NFTs

  • Incentivized polls (winning side gets funds from losing side)

  • Crowdfunding

  • Prediction markets (via Band Protocol oracles)

  • Custom contracts

Custom contracts are smart contracts for custom post types. Anyone can create a custom contract and submit it to governance to be incorporated into the protocol.

Third Party Posts

Stargaze also communicates with third-party networks such as Twitter, OpenSea, and YouTube via oracles. Unlike native posts, third-party content only have their content hash stored on chain.

Buy NFT to "Retweet"

NFT purchases on Stargaze also serve as a sort of crypto-native retweet or "super like". The NFT author can set an initial price that increases on a bonding curve with each sale. Clients (such as can display NFT purchases on a user's feed to expose it to their audience. The protocol charges and a burns a 10% NFT purchase fee.