Why build with Cosmos SDK?

Cosmos SDK enables building a chain with its own block space and validator set, secured by the battle-tested Tendermint consensus engine.

Stargaze, as a social protocol, has to be designed to handle frequent low-latency transactions. A proof-of-stake application-specific blockchain is one of the few ways to do this.

Stargaze requires a lot of timing-related operations, such as rewarding users when a post has ended its curation period. Performing background timing tasks that don't require gas are impossible to do on Ethereum.

Stargaze requires data storage for content. Because Cosmos validators run their own hardware, they can store large amounts of data cheaply. Storage doesn't have to be shared with other protocols.

As a consumer facing protocol, Stargaze requires cheap gas. Since all transactions on Stargaze are for Stargaze only, gas is always cheap (< $0.01), and doesn't have to compete with other DeFi protocols.

Stargaze depends on custom oracles that interface with web2.0 platforms such as Twitter. Oracles are straightforward to build on Cosmos where validators can make API calls and process requests.

THORChain, Terra, Binance Chain, and Mirror Protocol are examples of high-performance chains built with Cosmos SDK. As of 5/3/2021, they have a combined market cap of $143B.

How does Stargaze interoperate with Ethereum?

Stargaze integrates Gravity Bridge, enabling direct Ethereum interoperability. Tokenized Ethereum STARS can be transferred to Stargaze as native STARS. Stargaze creator coins can be transferred to Ethereum as ERC-20 tokens.

How will Stargaze scale?

Currently Stargaze is designed as a single chain. However, if the need arises to scale beyond a single chain, Stargaze can be sharded in a hub-and-spoke configuration with many chains. A main Hub chain will include all accounts, and content can be divided into multiple chains, sharded by vendor/platform. i.e: Native content and live on its own chain, Twitter content on another, OpenSea on another, etc.

How is Stargaze different from [other creator coin platform]?

Stargaze creator coins derive their value from content creation and curation activity, both on Stargaze and third party networks (via oracles). Most other creator coin platforms only offer coin trading for speculative use cases.

Stargaze creator coins are designed as staking derivatives, and thus earn staking yield (~10%). They can also be transferred out of Stargaze to DeFi protocols where they can earn DeFi yield on top of staking yield.

Stargaze is more than a creator coin platform. It is more like a Twitter 2.0 designed from a crypto-native context, where tweets are replaced by NFTs, and social capital is represented by creator coins instead of follower counts.